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Denegri & Associates proudly offers payroll services through our sister company, Payroll Boutique! Outsourcing your payroll to our highly efficient and experienced sister company saves time and money.

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By choosing Payroll Boutique to customize your payroll tasks, you will gain back the time you spend processing payroll and eliminate the need to hire one or more in-house employees.

Preparing payroll without an experienced payroll provider's assistance can be a mistake. Payroll can very quickly become a burden for business owners. That's why Payroll Boutique offers custom payroll services designed for start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses throughout California, and out-of-state payroll for companies that hire remote workers. Payroll Boutique will develop efficient and streamlined payroll packages to fit your payroll needs. Their services include syncing your payroll software to your accounting software, calculating reasonable compensation for business owners, processing payroll, and much more!

Payroll errors are costly in the time it takes to fix them. The taxing agencies assess penalties and interest if tax payments are late. Payroll Boutique has years of experience processing payroll, and they take the time and have the expertise to do it right.

Payroll for Start-Ups, Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Payroll Boutique's customized payroll service provides peace of mind for business owners in Sonoma County and throughout California. Call them now at 707-860-8510 for a free quote or request your complimentary free consultation to learn more.

Services Include:
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payroll processing
  • Direct deposit paychecks
  • Payroll journals and reports
  • Employer payroll tax deposits and compliance
  • Electronic filing of federal and state tax forms
  • Annual preparation of W-2 forms
  • Payroll taxes for self-employed employees
  • Caregiver payroll
  • Subchapter S officer compensation
  • 1099 forms for your independent contractors
  • HR Support services

Contact Payroll Boutique now to determine how they can help your business improve profits by outsourcing and simplifying your payroll.

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